Cullen Communications teams with government affairs professionals and issue advocates to provide research, advocacy, and public affairs support. We work where policy, politics, and government come together.

Research: The facts you need to make your case

The right facts are the foundation of winning arguments. We supply rigorous, bullet-proof research though a team of consulting researchers drawn from top universities and think tanks. We have the intelligence to understand complex policy matters and to get up to speed quickly on new topics to meet your deadlines. Our research products are applied and practical — not academic and abstract. They are designed for non-experts and to be media-friendly.

  • Sponsored research projects
  • LexisNexis capabilities
  • Public opinion polling (through strategic partners)

Communications: The right words for the right audiences

New and social media is growing in importance every day, but even Pajamahadeen basement bloggers usually need a traditional news story to tweet about first. Making a message penetrate in a meaningful, measurable way starts with traditional public relations amplified by new and social media.

  • Writing & distributing press releases
  • Story pitching
  • Op/ed drafting and placement
  • Editorial outreach
  • Letters to the editor
  • Handouts and fact sheets
  • On the record spokesperson for print, TV, radio, and reported blogs
  • Off the record backgrounders
  • Speechwriting
  • Website creation & content
  • Online video
  • Blogger outreach
  • Facebook groups

Advocacy: Agents of mass persuasion

Effective advocacy requires a large and philosophically diverse network, a reputation for integrity, an engineer’s ability to build bridges, and a “no permanent enemies” approach to people and issues.

  • Opinion leader education
  • Grassroots mobilization
  • “Strange Bedfellow” coalition building & management
  • Database development
  • Voter contact — paid media, direct mail, and phone programs (through strategic partners)